Team Building

The practice of adventurous activities in natural environments awakens the interest and enthusiasm of the people. Our program is an effective tool by which your organization can develop skills and achieve desired outcomes. Every challenge and every experience reflects the reality of the organization, provide a useful self, and transform routine.

The saying “We are all in the same boat” in the business takes a special sense in this unique Team Building activity. People who are all in the same boat must work as a team because they face the same challenges together.   A company must draw not only on its good relations with the outside but also a cohesive internal structure to achieve the objectives and fight against the odds together.

What is a Dragon Boat?

The “dragon boat” is a long narrow boat like a canoe controlled by the helmsman and where 10 or 20 people paddling in sync are led by a drummer who sets the pace during the race. This is why Dragon Boating is a unique team building activity. Your group will experience first-hand how to coordinate efforts and learn new skills to get “that big boat” moving through TEAMWORK.

How to foster team building with Dragon Boats?

This is not just theory; this is hands on learning. It’s FUN, energizing and memorable. You will have concrete examples and metaphors to take back to your work environment. Your group will be coached and motivated by members of National Dragon Boat Teams.  They will help increase the participants’ moral and open up new lines of communication among various departments and levels. Your group will experience the synergy created in the boat when the team pulls together and the connections on the water that will carry over into the workplace.

The activity of “Team Building” through the sport of Dragon Boating is an effective and fun way for team members to recognize the importance of their role and skills as well as that of their peers. This results in an effective team that positively impacts the communication between departments with the ability to achieve goals and objectives of the company.

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