Method of Engagement

Tech-Innova Solutions offers flexible delivery options that can accommodate your needs and adapt to your business culture.

A meticulously crafted engagement model helps our clients to manage their risk and balance their supply and cost strategy for key business functions. Tech-Innova Solutions offers various engagement models as follows:

Fixed Price – The customer pays a pre-negotiated fixed price for the complete project, which in turn is linked to well-defined deliverables.

Time & Material – Define the business model and work hand in hand with the client. The client pays a fixed hourly rate.

Hybrid Model – This is a mixture of fixed price and T&M. Research/Analysis/Estimation Phase is performed under one model and then projects under a different model. Adopting such a model enables the client to maximize their ROI without compromising any aspect of the project itself.

Dedicated Development Center – Extension arm of the customer’s teams. The customer pays fixed monthly rate for the team.

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