Wellness Program

A Program that fosters Team Building and Social Connections

We offer employers a way to improve worker’s health, mood, and productivity while saving on healthcare costs. In addition to encouraging exercise and healthy lifestyle, we encourage TEAMWORK.

Health & Fitness

Paddling is a low-risk, low-impact activity that has varying levels of intensity, appealing to a range of abilities, especially beginners.  No matter where you start, paddling can be a serious full-body workout!

Team Building

You need a team that knows how to work together cohesively and moves in the right direction, at the right time.  In dragon boat paddling, you trust your teammates will move forward so you can proceed with your stroke. This exemplifies a cohesive and trusting partnership, a fundamental element essential to any successful team.


Teaching employees new skills such as paddling could be a unique way of saying “Thank you!” and rewarding them with a good time as well!


We need to move! If we feel good physically, we can perform better intellectually and emotionally. Paddling keeps your employee’s blood, mind, and ideas flowing, leading to a better quality of work.

Paddling is Fun!

Give your hardworking team of employees a fun new way to enjoy themselves. Trust us, it will earn you bonus points in their eyes.

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